Mental Training Program

A fast track program integrating Eastern and Western

psychology techniques including analysis, meditation and relaxation.

The pace of the program is agreed upon with the participant;

it can be one session per week, two or three sessions per month.

Three packages are offered. The value of any intake session is $400.00 it can be
taken as an only and unique consultation, any single session after Intake is $300.00

I am grateful to be an instrument enabling the transformation of my clients. I have seen them achieve amazing results.

I truly believe that people are able to transform themselves. There is hope! Working with me you will find an unconditionally safe place where there is no judgment. I provide a professional relationship focused on your potential. Through specific applied therapies and meditation, my clients achieve a richer, calmer, more enjoyable life – as they deserve.

Brief and Effective Therapy. Life is changing Therapy too. Mental Trainer Coach. Life is happening right now, make your turn today!

Make the most beautiful turn in your life, the turn to your self, the turn to your nature, the turn to your scence…


I was always hesitant to go to therapy for fear of being judged but Ms. Perez’s easy-going and kind personality made it easy to talk to her. She has been great at helping me through life transitioning events as well as dealing with intrapersonal issues.

I have always been a strong supporter of therapy to help solve problems that arise in life and to improve my overall mental health, however, I have struggled to find the therapist with whom i can really connect and who can provide me proper guidence with the personal problems … that was until I met gladys, I have worked with Gladys and i have been in the therapy for almost a year,thanks to her comments and her vision, my life has improved at home and at work She is one of the most senstive and honest people I have ever met, We have worked on issues ranging from depression, anxiety and problems with my partner, thanks to Glady I learned to manage stress effectively, to combat depression and maintain healthy relationships with my family and friends.

“I have consulted with Dr Perez DiVito for over two years and have found her to wise, compassionate and thoughtful. She has halped me deal with the challanges of caring for the elderly mother as well as the transition from mother of young children to mother of independent adults. Her insights and wisdom have halped me recognize and change negative patterns and forgive myself for my imperfections. With her support and encouragement I have learned to acknowledge my strengths and I have gained the strength and confidence to make difficult decisions. She has guided me a journey to growth and self discovery. I am very grateful to have found her”